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Presented by Bruce C. Friedman


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This site was originally prepared as a guide for my
independent study of Ancient Egyptian Mathematical Papyri. Because I
was not formally trained as an Egyptologist, at first I did not know
where to look. Many papyri and other artifacts have been published, but few have a
mathematical nature or even significant math content.

This website includes brief notes and citations of all the published
papyri, inscriptions and ostraca et cetera from AE (and elsewhere) that I
have ever heard of. I gather more information and images regularly.
I note the nature of
each item, and maintain an archive of all viewed images for further study.

Persons interested in AE (and Babylonian; Greek; Mayan…) artifacts may find
below citations for numerous source and analysis texts. My emphasis
is on AE arithmetic, yet I have included extensive studies of many other
varied topics that either interest me greatly, or seem relatively important.

I hope you find this helpful.


Bruce Friedman


Faster versions of my old [AOL] websites are available
under the keyword "BRUCE"
at the link to the image grid:

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